Shireoaks on Crimewatch

A ‘TERRIFYING’ armed robbery at Shireoaks Post Office was shown on Crimewatch last night.

Friday, 27th January 2012, 12:38 pm

Police hope the reconstruction of the violent robbery, which happened on Wednesday 2nd November, will help them catch the offenders.

Sarah and David Draisey have owned the village post office and its adjoining bungalow in Shireoaks Common for the past 10 years.

On the day of the attack post mistress Sarah, 56, had closed the shop at around 5pm and followed her daily routine of walking her dog.

Husband David, 66, who suffers from Parkinson’s disease, was home alone when two masked men forced their way into the conservatory at the back of their bungalow.

Both were wearing balaclavas and dark clothing. One carried what appeared to be a sawn off shotgun while the other was armed with a claw hammer.

He was hit in the face with the barrel of the gun, bundled into the living room and bound at his hands and feet.

When Mrs Draisey arrived back a short time later, she was threatened with the gun and forced to open the safe.

DI Ash Wilson, who was interviewed live on last night’s programme, said: “It was a terrifying moment for Mrs Draisey when she returned home to find two armed, masked men in her home.”

“Her husband was extremely distressed and had been beaten and tied up, which obviously would have been a harrowing sight for her.”

The robbers stole cash and unregistered tax discs from the safe, as well as £400 of the couple’s own money from inside the bungalow.

Mrs Draisey was then bound at the hands and feet before the men made off in the couple’s black Jeep Cherokee, which was found abandoned a short distance away in a lay by on the A57 northbound carriageway.

Mr Draisey managed to free himself and raise the alarm.

“This was a planned attack” added DI Wilson.

“They knew when Mrs Draisey would be out of the house and where the safe was – they may have been watching them for some time.”

“This was an attack on an elderly couple which was unnecessarily cruel and violent and we need to find them before they hurt someone else.”

“Think back – it was the Wednesday before the clocks went back. Did you see anything suspicious in this lay-by around this time?

“Did you see someone watching the shop in the days before the incident?”

“Any detail, regardless of how small, could be the key to finding the cowards who did this.”

Anyone with information about the robbery should contact Nottinghamshire Police on 101 or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.