Sheffield Steelers hit by six game ban - even though they've got rid of the culprit

Andre Deveaux's seemingly negative affect on Sheffield Steelers continues after his exit.

Wednesday, 29th November 2017, 4:37 pm
Updated Tuesday, 12th December 2017, 8:25 am
Taking a fall: Andre Deveaux

Coach Paul Thompson ended the forward's stay this week after just 11 games.

But his behaviour during his penultimate game caught up with him - and the club today.

In Saturday's 7-2 defeat at Milton Keynes Lightning, the ex NHLer, amongst other things, took a run at an opponent and caught him high.

Today the EIHL banned him for six games - even though he'd left the club.

This means, unless he joins another side in the division, Steelers will be saddled with the ban in his absence.

They will play an import short tonight at Dundee Stars

Here is the full EIHL statement:

Sheffield Steelers player Andre Deveaux was involved in multiple incidents during the (MKL) game.

In summary, while the actions of Deveaux might have been tolerable many years ago, they are considered very outdated in today’s game.

In watching and reviewing this game, the Department of Player Safety believes that Deveaux has to play with consideration for the game. Illegal, dangerous and out right ridiculous acts are not considered part of the game.

Incident 1 - Kicking

During a scrum, Deveaux attempts to kick the feet out from under the opposing player while the game officials have engaged both players.

Kicking or attempting to kick a player’s feet out from under him, besides being a gutless play, is dangerous.

Also, considering both linesman are engaged in breaking up the scrum, if Deveaux was successful in his leg kick, it could have been dangerous for many people.

Taking all of these factors into consideration, the Department of Player Safety has issued a one game suspension on Deveaux for this incident.

Incident 2 - Slew Foot

This is deemed a slew foot. A leg/foot action from behind in the skate area of the opposing player with a pull backwards in the opposite direction to the upper body.

This action propels the players in a forward motion with the upper body in a backwards motion, which creates a force for a player to fall backwards.

Slew Footing is a Match Penalty in the IIHF Rule Book, which also carries an automatic one game suspension, and the Department of Player Safety has added an additional one game ban for Deveaux in respect of this incident.

Therefore, Deveaux is suspended for two games for Slew Footing.

Incident 3 - Throwing a Stick

Considering that a minor penalty and misconduct penalty had been assessed at the stoppage in play, there is no reason for Deveaux to throw his stick.

Besides the stick throwing act being considered an embarrassment to the game, it is in protest of an official’s decision.

It is also deemed an incident where the possibility of someone being hit by the stick being thrown presents a dangerous situation.

Taking all of this into consideration, the Department of Player Safety has suspended Andre Deveaux for three games for this incident.

Therefore Deveaux is suspended for a total of six games.

*Deveaux was subsequently released by the Sheffield Steelers.

In the event that a suspended player is released from an EIHL team, the suspension remains in effect with the team for whom the suspended player last played with, or in the event the released player moves to a new EIHL team, the suspensions moves with the player.

Specifically, with the release of Andre Deveaux from the Sheffield Steelers, the 6 game suspension currently remains in effect with the Sheffield Steelers.

Effective immediately, Sheffield is required to play an import short, starting on Wednesday 29th November 2017 in Dundee, until the full suspended 6 games are served.

In the event Andre Deveaux signs with a new EIHL club during the 6 game suspension threshold, the remaining games of suspension will be moved with Andre Deveaux to the new team.

The remaining games will be removed from the Sheffield Steelers and required to be served with the new team of Andre Deveaux.

Furthermore, all past records move with the player to the new team. In the event Andre Deveaux commits an incident requiring further supplementary discipline during the 2017/18 hockey season, consideration as a ‘repeat’ offender will be taken into consideration.