Severn Trent Water engineers are battling to fix burst pipe which had affected thousands

Severn Trent Water has confirmed that water supplies are starting to return for customers after a burst pipe caused problems for thousands.

A main pipe in the burst in the early hours of this morning, Sunday, August 5, and engineers were sent to Chapel Lane, at Epperstone.

A Severn Trent Water spokesman said a number of customers that were affected by the burst water pipe in Epperstone are starting to see their normal water supplies return.

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Severn Trent explained the incident involved a 24-inch water pipe and the suppliers stated they were sorry for the disruption.

Engineers have been working to remedy the problem, according to Severn Trent Water, by moving water around the network.

Affected residents were advised to visit a bottled water collection point at Bingham Leisure Centre and additional collection points were being set up.