Seventy newborn turkeys perish in barn blaze in Rotherham

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Seventy newborn turkeys perished in a blaze at a farm in Rotherham this morning.

The one-day-old poults were being kept warm by a heater in a barn when the blaze broke out.

Firefighters were called to the blaze on Hardwick Lane, Aston, at 2.50am and spent around two hours at the scene.

None of the birds could be saved.

The blaze has been logged as accidental.

Firefighters were also called out to deal with two cars set alight in the early hours of this morning.

A Nissan Adventura and Vauxhall Astra were torched on Markham Road, Edlington, Doncaster.

Last night a touring caravan was set alight on Stonecliffe Road, Manor, Sheffield.

Call police on 101.