Secure your property when on holiday

DI Ash Wilson pictured at Worksop Police Station  (w120924-8b)
DI Ash Wilson pictured at Worksop Police Station (w120924-8b)

Hands up who’s already counting down to their summer holiday? I know I am.

I know I’m going to sound like a broken record, but as we head into the summer months it would be remiss of me not to remind you about securing the property you leave behind.

If you are planning to head off make sure you tell neighbours you trust so they can keep an eye on your home.

Ensure all your doors and windows are locked. Leave your home as a fortress while you are away and do all you can to deter thieves by making them think you are home.

Install a burglar alarm and use it. Don’t leave valuable items, including keys, on view through windows.

Ask relatives to bring in your bin and collect your mail. Put lights on timers and if you are really swish put your curtains on timers too. Perhaps your neighbour has another car they can park on your driveway in your absence.

Don’t forget your vehicles. If you are leaving a car behind, where possible keep it in a locked garage or on your driveway. Never leave items on display in your vehicle and always leave your glove box open and parcel shelf off so anyone having a gander will see there is nothing of value inside.

Ask your neighbours to pop around every so often to check your doors and windows of your home, sheds, garages and cars. You can bring them a little something back from your jollies as a thank you. It will be cheaper than the repair and replacement bill and increased insurance premiums if you are burgled.