SCULPTURE MYSTERY SOLVED: New Worksop statue was designed by art students at North Notts College

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When a strange sculpture appeared on Bridge Place yesterday (Friday 5th June) residents across the town were left scratching their heads in confusion.

Panic over- the mystery has now been solved after it was revealed that art students from North Notts College designed the unexplained object as part of the ‘Worksop Regeneration Project.’

Kim Moore, one of the students who contributed to the design, rushed to the Guardian Facebook page to defend the sculpture after some residents deemed it ‘a waste of money’.

“If people want to have a negative attitude towards an awesome piece of artwork in the centre of their town then that’s up to them,” said Kim.

“Myself and the other students who worked on this project are proud of what we’ve designed and happy that we’re making a positive impact on Worksop.”

By the way, you don’t have to understand artwork to appreciate it.”

A spokesperson for the college said: “The new sculpture was designed by art and design students from North Notts College in partnership with Notts County Council and the Worksop Civic Society.”

“It is part of the Worksop regeneration project for the town and an important example of how the college supports community projects.”