Scrap metal dealers are targeted

SCRAP metal dealers and problem vehicles were targeted during a police operation in Gainsborough.

By The Newsroom
Saturday, 2nd June 2012, 5:30 pm

Vehicles were brought in to a check point where police officers, along with other agencies like the council and VOSA - the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency.

Their loads were inspected, along with their vehicles, to determine whether any action needed to be taken.

“Quite a lot of vehicles are carrying scrap metal. Some are legitimate, others are not,” said Sgt Clive Farmer.

“Other vehicles are not roadworthy because of defects, or they might be using red diesel or modified lights.”

“We set up a check spot like this, and officers driving round the area bring vehicles in to be inspected.”

Sgt Farmer said the spot checks - part of Operation Brompton - had been successful, with dozens of vehicles stopped.

“If they are not fit to be on the road the owners are sent away to get an urgent MOT and they must come back and prove it.”

“Some have been taken off the road today.”

He added: “Some people can be quite hostile when they are stopped. But our best weapon is our mouth - we can talk to them and explain we’re not just targeting them because we think they are up to no good. We are looking at other issues like road safety too.”