Scout hut fire started in electrical boiler

THIS is the damage caused by fire at the Scouting headquarters in Dinnington.

By The Newsroom
Monday, 28th November 2011, 10:31 am

It is believed that a faulty electrical boiler in the toilets is the cause of the fire which ripped through the building on Monday 14th November.

The fire then travelled up the cable and into the roof space of the building, along the wall and into the kitchen.

Scout leaders have now been allowed access to the building on Laughton Road and got some good news when they went inside.

The cupboards used by the group to go camping and take part in activities was largely unaffected by the fire and most of the equipment was saved.

“The fire was spotted quite early before it really took hold of the building, meaning that the main area of the hut used for meetings was largely unaffected by the fire,” said a spokesman for the 22nd Dinnington.

“Fortunately though the cupboards held and protected the equipment not only from the flames but also from water used to extinguish the fire.”

Scout leaders are waiting to hear back from the insurance company about the value of the damage caused. St Leonards church has stepped in to provide a location for the groups to meet.