School starts for triplets

SEEING your child start start their first day at school is a special moment for any parent, but it was a triple treat for Rhodesia couple Sharon and Charlie this week.

Saturday, 8th September 2012, 5:25 pm

Triplets Lily, Jack and Olivia, aged four and a half, donned their brand-new schoolbags as they headed to Haggonfields Primary for their first day in the classroom on Wednesday.

Mum Sharon Birch, 42, of Royds Crescent, said it was an emotional moment for her and husband Charlie, 43, to see their trio of tots start their first day at school.

“They are ready to go to and I know they will get on fine - they all get on well and will look after each other,” she said.

Life has been hectic in the Birch household since Lily, Jack and Olivia were born on 22nd October 2007.

Sharon and Charlie had been trying for a baby for several months and were shocked to find out they were to have triplets - just a day after their first weddding anniversary.

And their arrival was extra special as they were the first triplets in town for 18 years.

Sharon, also mum to Ryan, 22, Adam, 20 and Shane, 15, said the past four and a half years have whizzed by.

“It has been horrendously hectic and very difficult at times bringing up the triplets,” she said.

“But they are amazing and we are very lucky. They are a joy to have around and seeing the smiles on their faces every morning makes it all worth it.”

Sharon said Jack and Lily are very close while Olivia is more independent.

But the trio enjoy playing together and have made plenty of friends since going to the Little Acorns Pre-School.

Said Sharon: “Olivia and Jack love playing football every Saturday while Lily is a real girly girl and loves playing with hair and make-up.”

“They are really excited about going to school and I know they will love it. It’ll be good for me to get a break too and I am already starting to look for jobs.”

And her advice to any would-be mums expecting twins or triplets in the near future?

“Just knuckle down and get on with it and make sure you get them into a routine as soon as possible - it makes your life so much easier,” said Sharon.