School give '˜much loved' pupil Logan a super send off

A special day was held at a Gainsborough school for a '˜well loved' pupil who has a rare medical condition.

Tuesday, 17th July 2018, 6:26 pm
Updated Tuesday, 17th July 2018, 6:27 pm
Paw Patrol meet Logan during his 'day' at St George's School, in Gainsborough on Thursday, when his fellow pupils dressed up as their favourite characters as part of a charity fundraiser.

Seven-year-old Logan Mountcastle was diagnosed with the condition Metachromatic Leukodystrophy a few years ago. Since then his condition has deteriorated and he now cannot walk unaided and relies on a wheelchair.

Logan is a pupil at St George’s School, on Lindsey Close in Gainsborough, and at the end of this school year he will be moving on to a specialist school.

To show Logan how much he is loved and thought of, the school decided to hold Logan’s Day.

Staff and pupils at the school all dressed up as Logan’s favourite superheroes and cartoon characters.

Logan’s class teacher, Kate Collins, said: “He started with us in Reception and he was, for lack of a better word, normal.

“There was nothing stand outish about him. He was a loveable boy, just like he is now.

“He was able to access all of his learning within school and there were no real prominent issues.

“It was when he progressed into Year One we started to notice his balance was very unsteady. He would trip over himself for no reason.

“We became concerned so we spoke to his mum as he was really struggling to walk.

“It was about one year ago that he fell at home and this prompted him to go to the hospital.

“He underwent some tests and they found out he had this rare condition.

“He now uses a wheelchair and is reliant on it. He can walk a few steps but he can’t do this unaided. He can’t walk without anyone.

“He’s now moving on to a different school and we wanted to give him a real lasting memory of St George’s.

“We wanted him to see how much he is loved by everyone at the school and to celebrate his time here with us. We didn’t just want to give him a card in assembly, we wanted to make it really memorable for him. He is well known and well loved, especially by the children, not just the adults.

“Every playtime and lunchtime everyone is around him and everyone wanted to celebrate with him.

“He is going to a specialist school to help with his mobility needs. We would keep him here if we could, we love him that much, but it is in his best interest to move on.”