Scarecrow of cycle crash is a huge hit

A scarecrow effigy of an American cyclist who crashed through the back window of a car during the Tour of Britain has certainly put the suburb of Ordsall on the map.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 15th September 2017, 10:43 am
Updated Friday, 15th September 2017, 11:45 am
The effigy of US cyclist Brent Bookwelter made by Rebeca Mowbray of Retford.
The effigy of US cyclist Brent Bookwelter made by Rebeca Mowbray of Retford.

Brent Bookwalter crashed as the Tour passed through Retford on September 6.

Rebecca Mowbray, from Retford, made the effigy of him for the Ordsall Scarecrow Festival and sent him a picture of it.

Mr Bookwalter’s wife replied describing it as both “disturbing and funny”.

Rebecca said: “Originally we were going to do Princess Diana. Then the Tour of Britain came through Retford and Brent crashed into the car.

“We made it on Friday night and put it out on Saturday morning

“Then we posted it on the parish Scarecrow page

“It was all in good fun.”

She decided to get in touch with the BMC rider, who suffered concussion in the crash, as she had been getting negative comments about her creation.

Rebecca contacted Mr Bookwalter on Facebook and his wife Jamie replied on Tuesday night.

She said: “We contacted Brent and sent him a picture - he loved it.”

Jamie said: “Brent is still having problems reading computer screens due to the concussion, so he can’t reply right now, but we would love to see the picture and think it’s hilarious, send it over.

“Brent has never had a scarecrow effigy, this would be a first.”

The Ordsall Scarecrow festival is in its ninth year and this year had 58 entries

Organiser Helen Richards said: “The scarecrow was very well received by the vast majority of peope who thought it was really funny. I am pleased the rider saw the funny side of it - of course if he had been seriously hurt they wouldn’t have done it. It has certainly put Ordsall on the map.”