Scam warning for Worksop elderly

Guardian News
Guardian News

Older people and carers in Worksop are being warned about an increase in scam retail or investment operations targeting the elderly.

The Insolvency Service has closed 78 rogue firms in England and Wales, which had scammed £28 million from 2,000 victims over the last three years.

Firms had aggressively cold-called or door-stepped older people and then overcharged them or failed to deliver.

Notts County Council’s Trading Standards received around 500 scam complaints from vulnerable people, including the elderly and disabled people, over the last 12 months.

Paul Gretton from the council’s Trading Standards team said: “Victims of scams are often elderly and frequently vulnerable. Being conned in this way can seriously shake their self esteem and have a detrimental effect on their health.”

“Unfortunately once people have fallen victim, their details are also likely to be passed onto other scammers, as a result they are highly likely to get many more calls trying to induce them into similar scams.”

“Do not be pressured into making any payments as genuine companies will allow people a bit of thinking time before making any commitments.”

Anyone with concerns or information about scams should contact the Citizens Advice Line on 08454 04 05 06.