Saucy Sue's a secret sexy story writer!

SAUCY butcher's wife Sue Houghton serves up meat chops by day...but spends her evenings writing raunchy stories for ladies' magazines.

SAUCY butcher's wife Sue Houghton serves up meat chops by day...but spends her evenings writing raunchy stories for ladies' magazines.

"Not many of my customers know that I write sexy stories, although I bet many of the women read them in the magazines," said the mother-of-four, whose husband Jeffrey owns Raines Avenue Butchers in Worksop.

At 2pm when she finishes her shop shift, Sue retreats to her private home study and conjures up steamy plots for her next story.

And the 49-year-old admits that many of her ideas come from overhearing customers chatting as they buy their sausages and joints.

"Some of the blokes think it is quite funny and give me a bit of ribbing about Sue's stories," said husband Jeffrey, who has been married to Sue for 30 years.

"I have read some of her stories and she is very talented. I only hope that the male characters are not based on me!"

Sue has always had an interest in writing and began to take it more seriously two years ago when her four children had grown up.

Before that, Sue endured four years of knock-backs from publishers and was on the brink of giving up.

"I certainly got a thick skin," said Sue. "It was devastating and when Woman's Summer Special eventually took one of my stories it felt brilliant."

Now on her way to becoming a published novelist, Sue balances a 30-hour working week with her writing and currently has an agent looking at her first romantic novel called Nearly Dearly.

"Sue probably would have gone to university but when we were younger all we really wanted to do was get married and have children," said Jeffrey, who has owned Raines Avenue Butchers for 14 years.

"These days she works for me in the mornings and then I probably won't see her until 8pm or 9pm at night because she is writing."

"She spends most of the weekend at her computer but I'm all for it because it means I can go fishing," he laughed.

After 15th March, Worksop folk will be able to read one of Sue's sensual fictional tales in a new charity book called Sexy Shorts For Summer.

Entitled The Last Chocolate in the Box, Sue's story centres on Jill, whose husband returns to her doorstep after leaving her for a Salsa instructor called Gloria.

But during the brief reunion, Jill compares Nick to a box of chocolates and discovers he may not be the gorgeous Turkish Delight she once thought.

"It is a comedy romance but a little bit more sexy than people might expect," said Sue, who has lived in Worksop for 16 years.

Sexy Shorts for Summer is a collection of fun, raunchy, short stories from more than 30 authors. It will be available in all good book shops and 1 from each copy sold will be donated to Cancer Research UK.

Sue is now working on her second novel.

Who knows, she could soon become the next Jackie Collins.