Sanctuary needs YOUR help now

THORNBERRY Animal Sanctuary could be forced to stop taking in animals, unless it finds more money.

Wednesday, 4th April 2012, 3:17 pm

The sanctuary in North Anston is in crisis as the current economic climate takes its toll.

The amount of charitable donations has dropped, bills have increased and more animals than ever are coming to the sanctuary as the financial squeeze hits their owners.

Sanctuary trustees has said it is ‘fast approaching dire straights’ and unless it secures additional funds over the next few weeks, it may have to stop taking animals in for the foreseeable future.

Chair of the trustees, Sue McNeela said: “Thornberry Animal Sanctuary is a small independent sanctuary that has been rescuing and re-homing animals since 1988.”

“Thornberry does not receive any funding other than what is raised by ourselves through the ingenuity and tireless efforts of our volunteers plus the many members of the public who donate, fundraise and remember us in their will.”

“Over the last year or so we have noticed a sharp decline in donations and a steady increase in running costs, so much so that we can honestly say we are fast approaching dire straights.”

“Many people are abandoning their animals through no fault of their own or left tied to the gates or worse, as in Izzy’s case just dumped and left to run into the road.”

“In the last 12 weeks alone, we have taken in 70 dogs and 62 cats. Kitten season is also just around the corner and unless we secure much needed funds, we might have to turn animals away. Thornberry is the only horse sanctuary in this area and it is this aspect of our operation that puts the greatest strain on our resources. Costing over £1000 per week in feed alone.”

The sanctuary, which has running costs of around £40,000 each month, is appealing for donations and volunteers to help boost its funds and save the animals in its care.

They are appealing for any help, especially from businesses who can help sustain income and broaden the sanctuary’s client base. To find out how to help visit