'˜Salt and ice challenge' can cause burns and scars, pupils warned

School pupils across Nottinghamshire are being warned of a sick new challenge which causes horrific burns and permanent scars.

The craze, which swept the US before becoming popular in the UK, sees kids put ice onto a layer of salt on their skin, sparking a burning reaction similar to frostbite.

One schoolboy from Swansea was left so badly burnt after doing the challenge that doctors considered giving him a skin graft.

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His mum has warned others about the dangers of the craze and said: “It is so deep that it has burnt all the nerve endings.”

“It is like severe frostbite. It could have gone septic and caused organ failure. He is looking a bit sheepish now.”

A mother from Fife also shared a picture of the “permanent scars” her daughter suffered after trying the challenge

Doctors decided against giving the boy a skin graft because he still had full movement in his hand.

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“At first I thought it was a cut so I took him to the minor injuries unit and it was treated as such,” she said.

“Then when I realised what had happened and it was a burn he was taken to the burns unit.

“The consultant said he had never seen an ice cube do this much damage.”