Round the world trip for Norbridge pupils

PUPILS at Norbridge Primary set sail on a global adventure for a special topic to teach them about different countries and cultures.

The group of five and six year olds enjoyed taking part in the Around the World in 80 Days topic both in and outside the classroom.

They had a taste of Africa as they read the Handa’s Surprise book and sampled different tropical fruits before making a clay model of a fruit basket.

China was the next stop as they researched the willow pattern plate story and made their own decorated plates.

They also made Chinese hats, learned about the Great Wall of China and found out about different shapes in a tangram – an ancient Chinese puzzle.

They then journeyed to India to create Rangoli hand-patterns, take part in a yoga day and welcome Indian visitors for a special dance session and Indian banquet.

A Norbridge Primary spokesman said the children really enjoyed learning about different countries, adding the topic on Italy proved a big hit.

“We went to Pizza Express in Meadowhall where they made their own pizzas which they got to take home,” she said.

“We also went to the Bear Factory and chose a bear to dress in holiday clothes.”