Rotherham: High praise for Trust’s cancer care

A recent National survey shows that cancer patients at The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust are receiving some of the best support and care in England.

By John Smith
Thursday, 5th September 2013, 8:53 am
WK27 Rotherham Hospital
WK27 Rotherham Hospital

Rotherham came fourth in a league table measuring patient experience across England, according to new analysis by Macmillan Cancer Support, based on research commissioned by NHS England.

The league table compares the performance of hospitals across England based on measures of patients’ experiences while being treated in hospital, such as whether their diagnosis and treatment options were explained clearly to them, whether they felt supported in their care and whether they felt they were treated with respect.

Macmillan believes patient experience is as vital as treatment to a cancer patient’s quality of life.

Fay Scullion, general manager for Macmillan in northern England said: “We congratulate The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust for achieving some of the best results in the recent patient experience survey.”

“We know that the support and care people receive is as important as their actual treatment, and can make all the difference between coping with cancer and finding it a real struggle, for example, being told about financial help that is available, or being provided with high quality information about their cancer and its treatment.”

Professor John A Lee, Director of Cancer Services at Rotherham added: “These results are a credit to the hard work and dedication of all the cancer teams and staff working with cancer patients at the Trust.”

“I am delighted to see the high quality of this work recognised at national level.”