Rotherham: First diabetes day to be held in town

The first Rotherham Diabetes Day is being held in November.
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The event will include all the latest up-to-date information about the condition and is geared towards local people affected by diabetes.

Taking place from 9.30am until 1.30pm on Saturday 16th November, at the Carlton Park Hotel, the event is being organised by the Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust in partnership with Diabetes UK, the NHS in Rotherham and Rotherham Council.

The half-day event will answer questions as it includes talks and workshops led by local the local diabetes specialist team, which includes consultants, GP with special interest in diabetes, and specialist dieticians, nurses and podiatrists.

Sri Kakarlapudi, lead diabetes specialist dietitian for the Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust, urged anyone concerned or interested in the condition to attend the event.

She said: “This is a special event for all Rotherham people affected by diabetes, whether they are newly diagnosed, need a refresher, are a parent or carer, or a professional working in diabetes.”

“Diabetes is a very common condition, when managed correctly, can have little impact on everyday life. But to achieve that, people with diabetes do need to control their condition very carefully and this event will allow experts to give helpful information on how to do that in easy bite-size sessions.”

Dr Solomon Muzulu, Consultant Diabetologist, will give an overview on what is new in diabetes while diabetes specialist nurse Fiona Smith will outline the highs and lows of blood glucose.

Dr Jason Page, a local GP who specialises in diabetes, will explain why doctors want to see diabetics every year and Dr Bernd Franke, a consultant diabetologist, will explain how diabetics can avoid admission to hospital, and when unfortunately, it is unavoidable. He will explain how you can avoid hospital admission and when you should be coming to hospital.

Coun Ken Wyatt, cabinet member for health and wellbeing, for Rotherham Council, said he was sure that the event will be welcomed by anyone affected by the condition.

He added: “Diabetes affects so many people, particularly here in Rotherham. So this is an excellent way for experts to bring people up-to-date with new developments and to give advice and support in a relaxed non-medical setting.”

To book your place on the day please register and pre-book via [email protected] or telephone 01325 488606.