Roherham: Advice from council to schools about strikes

Rotherham Borough Council has provided advice to schools in the region in relation to the strike action being proposed by the NUT and NASUWT next month.

Thursday, 12th September 2013, 12:59 pm

The two main teachers’ unions have announced that their members in Notts and South Yorksire will go on strike on 1st October over issues concerning pay, pensions and working conditions, including workloads.

And a council spokeswoman said the welfare of the pupils would be a big factor in whether schools remained open or closed.

“The main emphasis of the advice is to help Rotherham schools to decide whether they remain open, either wholly or partially, based on a risk assessment,” she said.

“This takes into account information on the possible numbers of striking staff they are able to gather in advance of the proposed action”

“Clearly we encourage schools to remain open wherever possible but it is very much an individual school decision.”

“Head teachers and governing bodies need to assess the likely position and make a decision on whether the school will open.”

“This decision needs to be passed on to parents and students as soon as possible.”