Rogue traders in Worksop adminstering cheap botox that could leave people bruised or even blind, warns nurse

Rogue traders in Worksop are administering cheap botox and lip injections that can leave people bruised, deformed and even blind, a concerned nurse has warned.


Cheryl Barton, a registered nurse and botox practitioner at the Aesthetika clinic in North Anston, said she is “appalled” by the number of desperate clients coming to her in distress after being left with lopsided faces and other health complications as a result of these “dodgy” cosmetic treatments.

Ms Barton is now urging anyone in the area to “run a mile” from illegal facial injection adverts on Facebook and in shop windows- as these potentially dangerous treatments will not usually be administered by someone who is registered as a nurse or doctor, or even properly qualified.

She said: “The scary thing is, although it is actually illegal to advertise botox or claim to be a registered nurse or doctor when you aren’t, there is nothing that lawfully prevents anyone from picking up that needle.

“A person can go on a half day course and call themselves a botox practitioner. People trust them and are playing with fire as a result.

“These so called practioners are not going to be insured and do not offer any after care, so if somebody has been left with bruising or something worse as a result of a botched treatment and asks for help or a refund, they’ll usually get ignored or turned away.

“The NHS are also not obliged to help in that kind of situation so you may even find yourself turned away from A&E.

“If administered incorrectly, facial injections in rare cases have even been known to make people blind. It’s not something you to mess with.”

Don’t put yourself at risk by not checking the Government’s statutory registers for doctors, nurses and dentists.

This is important if you are considering a cosmetic intervention be that cosmetic surgery or an appearance enhancing facial injection, all of which are being provided for you outside of the NHS and within the private sector either in your own home, a beauty salon or a clinic.

A quick and simple online check will show who is listed on the Nursing and Midwifery Register.

You can check your nurse injector at

If you are unsure about a nurse’s status contact the NMC on 020 7637 7181.