Roads are open but conditions are still hazardous

Lincolnshire County Council's gritting team have been working around the clock to lessen the impact of the latest snowfall in the county and keep the main routes open.

However, with snowdrifts already starting to cause problems and freezing temperatures again tonight, they are warning this is still a changing picture.

The hard-working gritting team have undertaken four complete runs since 3pm yesterday covering more than 1,800 miles of road.

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Lincolnshire Police have warned residents not to travel unless absolutely necessary. With widespread low temperatures this evening, the gritters will continue their runs into tomorrow. As snow thaws considerable water on the roads is expected which could still cause problems into Monday morning.

Darrell Redford, network resilience manager, said: “Conditions were difficult up to the point when the snow stopped, but after that we have been able to get hold of the main network. The snowfall seems confined to the North and East and is particularly bad north of Lincoln and over the Wolds.

“A number of farmers are helping to clear main routes -we are having to work especially hard to keep the A15 and A46 open as well as the A158 over the Wolds. The high winds have caused a few trees down too which hasn’t helped, though these are being dealt with.

“As always it will take time for the runs to be completed, most of the main roads in Lincoln are clear and most roads off the main network are passable. Thawing is happening where we have salt down and as temperatures begin to rise during the day this will help. However with freezing temperatures overnight, motorists need to be especially careful of ice overnight and into tomorrow.

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“As the gritter drivers change shift, we are starting to see an issue with snow drifts because of the wind. The A15 and A607 are suffering from drifting and we have arranged for farmers to assist on these roads to help keep it open.”

To stay up to date with the latest travel advice, please listen to local radio or follow Lincolnshire County Council and Lincolnshire Police on social media:

@LincolnshireCC and @lincspolice