Rider left brain damaged and partially blind after motorcycle crash has returned to the scene of his crash to ride his bike

A former Creswell man who was left brain damaged and partially sighted after a speedway motorbike accident has returned to the scene of the crash to ride a bike again.
Nigel was all smiles after his rideNigel was all smiles after his ride
Nigel was all smiles after his ride

Nigel Limb, 53, was racing on Mablethorpe beach back in December 2015 when he crashed and ended up in a coma.

The accident left Nigel partially sighted and having to readjust to his new life.

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But last year Nigel got the chance to get back onto a speedway bike.

Nigel said: “And since then I have been back to where I had my crash and I managed to get permission to ride my bike there again.

“I was really nervous about doing it but it went better than I thought it would. It went really well.”

Nigel’s story has now caught the attention of a man from New Jersey in the United States of America.

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He said: “They have a race called the Race of Gentleman. It is 40s/50s themed with bikes from that era and they dress from that period.

“And They have drag racing on the beach.

“Then last year they did a version of it in Bridlington and called it Race the Waves.

“This was the first time it happened in England.

“It went down really well so they are doing another one in June.

“The organiser saw me on television so contacted me and asked me if I wanted to take part.

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“I’m calling myself The ‘Blind’ Man but obviously I am not blind.

“He is using it as a marketing idea for people to come and beat the ‘blind’ man.

“I have had a Triumph since I was 26-years-old so it has been taken away to be repaired so I can ride my own bike.”