REVEALED: Has your area been licensed for fracking?

The Government granted licenses to explore and extract shale gas and coal bed methane to petrochemical giant Ineos in the areas shaded green. The regions shaded blue are shale areas.The Government granted licenses to explore and extract shale gas and coal bed methane to petrochemical giant Ineos in the areas shaded green. The regions shaded blue are shale areas.
The Government granted licenses to explore and extract shale gas and coal bed methane to petrochemical giant Ineos in the areas shaded green. The regions shaded blue are shale areas.
Most of Mansfield and Worksop and parts of Ashfield are among huge new areas licenced for fracking by the Government.

Just before Parliament broke up for Christmas the Government released new licenses covering huge areas of Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire and Yorkshire which could see oil and gas companies look to explore and extract shale gas and coal bed methane.

The licenses have been granted to global petrochemical manufacturer INEOS in the final part of UK Government’s 14th licensing round.

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This week campaigners vowed to hit the plans head on, calling on residents to organise and demand answers to their concerns.

Gregg Hewitt of the Frack Free Nottinghamshire campaign group said: “Too much evidence suggests more research needs to be done.

“Residents are concerned about non stop noise pollution, the effect on drinking water and seismic activity.

“You only have to look at what has happened in America since fracking has been introduced.”

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He said the new licenses meant the campaign to prevent fracking happening in the county would to ramp up

He said;” We know wherever we go, communities are willing to fight.”

Skegby protestor Melanie Darrington is calling for a public meeting to discuss the latest licences issued for fracking in the Ashfield and Mansfield areas.

She said: “We need assurances of where it’s going to be. There are so many questions needing answers before we even contemplate it.

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“We are trying to get residents along and make them aware of what is happening from Frack Free Nottingham.

“We want people to get involved and have their voices heard.

“We have shown with the Mansfield road campaign that if people come together we can be a powerful force.

At a time when we have water meters we want assurances fracking won’t affect the water supply.

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“Skegby Stanton Hill, Teversal/Skegby is on the edge of shale, I want to know exactly what that means for us.”

INEOS insists its explorations around th e UK will create “thousands of jobs” and allow the UK to meet its climate change obligations using a “homegrown source of energy”.

The company says committed to full consultation with all local communities and will share six per cent of revenues with homeowners, landowners and communities close to its shale gas wells.

On the INEOS website, Jim Ratcliffe, INEOS Chairman, said, “The UK government has demonstrated it is determined to move forward with this exciting new industry. This is the start of a shale gas revolution that will transform manufacturing in the UK.

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“INEOS has the skills to safely extract the gas and we have already committed to both fully consult and to share the rewards with the local communities. ”

It is also predicted fracking could result in cheaper energy bills.

Nottinghamshire County Council head of planning Sally Gill said;“The recent licences issued to companies by Government cover all kinds of oil and gas extraction, not just shale.”

“The County Council has received one planning application for shale gas exploration to the north of Misson in the very north of the county. This in itself would not involve hydraulic fracturing.

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“The granting of the licences does not necessarily mean that the areas concerned will be the subject of shale gas exploration applications.

“Regardless of any licences granted, any exploration for oil or gas would still require a separate planning process, managed by the County Council.

“The oil and gas industry is very tightly regulated and, in addition to the planning process, the site operator would also need to obtain additional permits and licences from a number of government organisations including the Department of Energy and Climate Change, the Environment Agency and the Health and Safety Executive.

“Without planning permission and approval from all the agencies involved, development cannot take place.”

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Most of Mansfield and parts of Ashfield are among huge areas of Nottinghamshire and Yorkshire licensed for fracking.

Areas granted onshore oil and gas licences in the latest round by the Government, to global manufacturer of petrochemicals INEOS. The areas where shale is present and fracking could take place are indicated.


Skekby (on edge of shale)

Teversal (shale)

Hardwick Park (shale)

Stanton Hill (outside of shale)

SK55 (INEOS) – outside of shale

Sutton in Ashfield

Kirkby in Ashfield





Newstead Village



SK56i (INEOS) – all shale

Parts of Meden Vale

Market Warsop

Church Warsop

Kings Clipstone

Parts of Clipstone

Mansfield Woodhouse


Forest Town

SK57c (INEOS) – all shale


Nether Langwith





SK66b (INEOS) – outside of shale


Parts of New Ollerton

Parts of Boughton


SK66e (INEOS) – all shale

Parts of Edwinstowe

Centre Parks

SK66f (ALKANE) – all shale

Parts of Wellow

SK67a (INEOS) – all shale



Hardwick Village


Parts of Ordsall

In August 2015, the first set of licenses were announced. These cover the following areas. Again if you live in the following places, please do get in touch with us











Wollaton (outside of shale)

Nottm Uni campus (outside of shale)

Wilford (outside of shale)

West Bridgford (outside of shale)


Ratcliffe on Soar

Kingston on Soar

West Leake

East Leake



Sutton Bonington (outside of shale)

Zouch (outside of shale)

Normanton on Soar (outside of shale)