REVEALED: Farmers Branch speed camera snares 1,200 drivers in a year

Farmers Branch, Worksop.
Farmers Branch, Worksop.

A speed camera on a Worksop road has snared more than 1,200 motorists since the limit was controversially changed last year, the Guardian can reveal.

A Freedom of Information (FOI) request found that 601 drivers have been caught out by the mobile site camera on the B6041 Farmers Branch so far this year.

The change from 40mph to 30mph came into force on April 28 2014, but no mobile enforcement was carried out until October, meaning that 652 fell foul in just three months last year.

The decision has been heavily criticised, with some claiming there is lack of signage indicating the new speed.

Last year Notts County Council defended the changes, stating there are 30mph terminal signs on the main approach leading to Farmers Branch.

But this week Bassetlaw MP John Mann said: “This is an outrageous money-making exercise which brings Notts Police into disrepute.

“Warning signs were not put in place when the speed limit was reduced to 30mph and this has created a situation where the police have been unfairly catching people out.

“I have also raised this with the police and they have tried to defend the indefensible.”

The figures show the total number of Notices of Intended Prosecutions (NIPS) issued is 1,253. Of these, 584 received a Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN), 625 were offered a speed awareness course and 71 were summoned to court.

A note on the Guardian’s FOI states that some drivers were offered either a FPN or speed awareness course, but if they didn’t comply then court action was taken, which explains why the above totals exceed the total NIPS.

Experienced Worksop driver, Tony Clayton, of Forest Hill Road, who got caught by the camera, said: “If it was an accident black spot then I could understand but it isn’t.”

An FOI last year by Mr Mann revealed that zero accidents had taken place on the road in the last three years.

But this week Andy Charlton, Notts Police’s road casualty reduction and partnership officer, said: “Drivers need to respect the law on speed limits at all times and at all locations. Farmers Branch is a legally enforceable limit and sits within a core casualty site. It is right that Notts Police enforce the limits especially where there are elevated numbers of collisions.”

Worksop resident Nigel Slade, of nearby Clover Close, said: “It is a ridiculous waste of money. It has got nothing to with safety, there have been no accidents.”

Notts County Council did not wish to comment.