Retro: Recalling the time when the floods hit Worksop

A coach and horses battles through a flooded Bridge Street in 1932
A coach and horses battles through a flooded Bridge Street in 1932

The floods which have ravaged the south of England in the last few weeks have bring back memories of the floods that affected Worksop and Retford over 80 years ago.

This image shows Worksop in floodwater in 1932 and captures a coach and horses battling through the water on Bridge Street after the River Ryton burst its banks.

Ten years earlier, flooding from the River Idle brought trouble to Retford, notably around the Albert Road and West Street parts of the town.

Notts County Council’s archives service has teamed up with the Picture the Past website to look back at some of the flooding incidents which have affected the county down the years.

The same year as the famous Worksop floods, West Bridgford also found itself underwater, while more recenly, the 1999 flooding in Lowdham is also recalled.

As well as pictures, the website also features personal recollections from floods past, including a remarkable diary entry from Georgian socialite Abigail Gawthern in 1795 recalling a flood in Nottingham.

“On 11th February there was a most remarkable large flood, never was known such a one in the memory of the oldest man now living,” she wrote.

“Twelve men were three times up to their breast in water attending to the casks that floated and three pigs were drowned and several fish were found dead there after the water went off.”

“There were boats in Narrow Marsh and Turncalf Alley to take provisions to the inhabitants, who were obliged to be in their upper rooms as water rose remarkably fast.”

“Mr Samuel Smith’s house at Wilford was flooded to the drawing room chair height, and he had 72 sheep drowned and about 40 yards of his garden wall washed down.”