Retro: Recalling a day when the King and Queen came to Worksop

King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra visited Worksop in 1905
King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra visited Worksop in 1905

This week’s Retro Guardian picture shows King Edward VII and Queen Alexandrea of Denmark returning to the station after a visit to the Duke of Portland at Welbeck.

They are seen here heading the procession in a horse-drawn carriage along Park Street, whilst onlookers tried to catch a glimpse of the royal pair as they passed.

The bulidings which can be seen on the left side of the image where demolised in the early 1960’s, including the Greyhound Inn.

However ,the buildings on the right hand side are still standing, including the cottages and houses adjoining to Bridge Street.

King Edward VII was the eldest son of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert and was born in 1841.

He eventually came to the throne in 1901 after the death of his mother, and married Alexandra, eldest daughter of King Kristian IX of Denmark, in 1863 .

Together they had six children.

In 1910, shortly after his visit to Worksop, Edward died age 59 and was succeeded by his son, George V.

His death set in motion the last major constitutional crisis for the monarchy as his eldest son, Edward VIII was forced to abdicate after maintaining his desire to marry twice-divorced American Wallis Simpson, leaving his brother the Duke of York, who became George VI, to ascend to the throne.

The Duke of Portland was also an influentuial man, who not only owned the Abbey , but was a Conservative politician and a courtier as well, so he was in good stead to be friends with royalty after coming from a long line of Dukes.

Today, the Duke of Portland no longer occupies Welbeck Abbey, and therfore the Charitable Harley Foundation have converted some estate builidngs to new uses.