Retford: ‘Tornado’ causes £25,000 of damage to homes

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Around £25,000 worth of damage was caused to homes in Retford during a ‘tornado.’

A1 Housing said around 60 of their homes were damaged during a storm, which hit at around 3pm on Saturday and has been described as a minor tornado.

Bernard Coleman, managing director at A1 Housing said: “We estimate that Saturday’s freak weather has caused in the region of £25,000 worth of damage to around 60 A1 Housing properties.”

“A number of A1 Housing operatives and officers visited the West Hill Road area on Saturday afternoon to initially assess the damage, which mostly consists of ridge, hip and roof tiles that have been blown loose with some damage caused to gable ends and one chimney stack.”

“Thankfully no-one was injured as a result of the storm and we have been working hard to make the necessary repairs and ensure that the affected properties are water-tight.”

“It will take a number of weeks to fully repair all the damaged properties and we would ask that tenants remain patient while this work is taking place.”