Retford: SATs strike by pupils

Half of year six pupils at a school in Retford have boycotted their SATs this week.

Tuesday, 13th May 2014, 2:07 pm
Guardian News

The Guardian understands that at least seven out of 14 students have stayed away from North Leverton Academy, Main Street, and have stopped at home instead.

It is thought this action is in response to a year-long debacle over the Governors decision to oust a popular head teacher at the school.

One mother, who wanted to remain annoynmous, said: “My kids have stayed at home. I know that seven of 14 children who were sitting their SATs are at home. Their brother and sisters are too.”

Another said: “Actions like this will have to continue until something changes.”

Parents of pupils at the school have organised a ‘Concened Parents Committee’ and released a statement which said: “After the mysterious event leading to North Leverton Academy’s Head Teacher being

told to go home, the concerned parents are fighting back after months of decline and lack of transparency.”

An online petition has also been set-up calling for a review of the Senior Leadership Team with a view to them being replaced.

North Leverton Academy refused to comment.