Retford: Roy is jumping to new heights

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Life is about learning, experiencing something new and testing yourself against your greatest fears.

One local man, though, is going to be scaling new heights this summer in the name of charity.

Roy Jones, who works as a customer assistant for Retford’s Morrisons store, is preparing himself to travel thousands of feat into the air and sky dive for Sue Ryder.

Sue Ryder provides compassionate care and support for people with palliative, long-term and end of life needs, and after the supermarket giants declared they would be supporting the charity for 2014, Roy is going to greater measures to spread the message of the work they do.

“I saw it (the sky dive) in one of the newsletter magazines and I have got to the stage where I just thought why not.” Roy, 44, told the Guardian.

How does he feel about heights? “I’m alright if there is a safety rail,” he joked. “I am bit anxious to be fair, but I am definitely looking forward to it and it is something I have never done before in my life.

“It’s also a great opportunity to raise some money and raise more awareness not just about the good work that Sue Ryder do, but the work that Morrisons are doing and what Retford’s store is doing over the course of the year.”

In the build up to the sky dive, which will take place on August 13th at the Langar Airfield, Nottingham, Roy is looking to raise close to the £300 mark.

Nationwide, Morrisons have already raised over £250,000 for the Raise a Smile fund since the partnership with the charity was launched in February.

“Roy is the only one doing it at the Retford store and he really wants to raise as much as possible,” Keri Christian, Roy’s partner added.

“We are all really proud of him for what he is doing and he has already got so much support.

“I have done a sky dive before and it is the most exhilarating thing you can do.

For more information on donating to Sue Ryder, contact 0800 949 6000.