Retford: Man assaulted police officer and damaged Suzuki, court hears

In Court
In Court

A Retford man who had ‘lost the plot’ assaulted a police officer and damaged a Suzuki after attempting to drive whilst under the influence of alcohol, a court heard.

Alan Breeze, 49, of Cottam Road, South Leverton, pleaded guilty at Mansfield Magistrates’ Court on Friday 13th February to both offences.

The court heard that Breeze had been drinking on 19th January 2015 when two women tried to stop him getting into his Volvo.

The women went outside and found Breeze trying to leave his property in his vehicle.

The women said he appeared drunk and the thought of him driving ‘scared’ them and so they tried to stop him by taking his keys out of the ignition.

Breeze then went over to his caravan and took out a spare set of keys and started the engine again.

They tried to stop him again but Breeze was said to be revving the engine ‘very loudly’.

The women then said that Breeze was moving the car ‘forwards and backwards’ and said it lasted for 30 minutes.

When police arrived Breeze was in his Volvo. The officers also said he appeared to be drunk and had ‘lost the plot’.

The officers banged on the window to tell him to stop but Breeze kept revving the engine and moving forwards and backwards.

Breeze then drove out at PC Whitehouse who quickly moved aside, causing Breeze to hit the bumper of a Peugeot which was blocking his path.

Extra officers were called and police continued to bang on the window, but Breeze still ignored them,

It was said that Breeze was ‘out of control’ and was ‘aggressive’ before his car collided with one of the women’s car, a Suzuki Vitara.

Police the struck the driver’s side window and smashed it. An officer then got the door open and dragged him out.

Breeze then kicked out at PC Whitehouse towards her left shin before immediately saying ‘I’m sorry’.

PC Whitehouse said that Breeze’s actions made her ‘fearful’ that he was going to run her over.

The damage caused to the Suzuki was said to be a few ‘scratches and scruffs’ which totalled £200.

In mitigation, Mr Perry said that Breeze was very remorseful and that he did not intend to cause the officers any harm.

Breeze said that he was ‘not thinking straight’ and that he was ‘thankful’ that he was stopped.

Breeze had also already made a £50 payment towards the damage of the Suzki before he appeared at court.

The magistrates said: “This could have been so much worse.”

The case was adjourned until 26th February.