Retford: Firefighters move to temporary base

Retford Fire Station, Wharf Road  (w110803-2a)
Retford Fire Station, Wharf Road (w110803-2a)

Firefighters in Retford have moved to their temporary base in West Carr Road in preparation for the demolition of the existing fire station to make way for a brand new one.

The crews’ temporary ‘home’ is a converted warehouse facility from which they will operate for approximately 12 months while building work takes place.

When they return to their Wharf Road home it will be to a modern, state-of-the-art fire station with a host of new facilities and energy-efficient features.

Chief Fire Officer Frank Swann said: “We have taken great care to ensure that the temporary base in West Carr Road has been well prepared to accommodate our Retford crews for the coming months, and the public should rest assured that the operational response to incidents in Retford and the surrounding area won’t be altered at all while the station is being rebuilt.”

“Our crews will also continue their prevention work within the community and will remain a prominent part of life in Retford, until and beyond such time that they move back to Wharf Road and their new station.”

“I look forward to watching the development of the project and seeing the new fire station taking shape over the coming months.”

The new station will cost approximately a third to a half of what it cost to run the old station, with solar panels, ultra- efficient LED lighting, a state of the art heating system and insulation that exceeds building regulations.

As well as housing its existing wholetime and retained crews, the station will be shared by on-call paramedic and ambulance crews.