Retford: Bassetlaw Against Fracking warn of fracking dangers

Bassetlaw Against Fracking
Bassetlaw Against Fracking

Members of Bassetlaw against Fracking will be giving scientific information about the dangers of the potential of fracking in North Notts villages from a stall

​which they will have​ in Retford Carol gate on Saturday 11th October.

David Larder, chairperson of the organisation, said that this was one of over 200 events taking place in The Global Frackdown- and will unite concerned residents everywhere for a day of action.

He said: “Worldwide there are millions of people sending messages to elected officials that we want a future powered by clean, renewable energy- not dirty, polluting fossil fuels.”

David added that thousands of international climate scientists have warned that continued extraction and burning of fossil fuels will lead to catastrophic climate change, and the “tipping point” will be taking place within a few years.