Retford: 80-year-old veteran joins London march against fracking in Bassetlaw

Veteran Bassetlaw campaigner joined a national march in London for action over climate change.

Tuesday, 23rd September 2014, 1:00 pm
David Larder, aged 80

David Larder, 80, of Retford, represented the Bassetlaw against Fracking organisation and joined actress Emma Thompson as well as 40,000 others demonstrating in the capital.

This was to coincide with at least 2,000 other demonstrations in over 150 countries demanding that world leaders meeting in New York take immediate action to halt climate change.

David, who has joined forces with other anti-fracking groups across Britain.said: “Exploding shale under North Bassetlaw to extract methane gas, another global warming emission, is crazy and irresponsible.”

“I felt I had to demonstrate for the sake of my children and grandchildren. “

“With methane being released by melting Arctic tundra, we don’t need to add to it in the county of Bassetlaw.”

“It is only a short sighted stopgap if we do.”

David added that he was delighted at the huge numbers of young people present as the crowds gathered to hear a speech from Emma Thompson on global warming.

“This will not be a one-off event,” said Mrs Thompson.

David added: “A current survey by Bassetlaw MP John Mann gives the impression that an acceptable alternative would be to allow fracking if it was 2 km from homes. However, studies show that the wind can blow methane beyond that distance causing health issues.”

“The answer is not to let the big oil companies start to re-industrialise the beautiful North Notts landscape.”