Residents urged to fight greenbelt plans

The group that was set up to protect greenbelt land from development in Dinnington and Anston has said it is ‘disappointed’ with the latest plans.

Save Our Greenbelt is urging local people to read the Core Strategy document and make their objections known.

Group member Diane Walker said it came as ‘no surprise’ the Core Strategy appeared to take no account of the views of residents on the proposed developments.

“What is clear is that the content of the document will in no way dilute the commitment and resolve in seeking to protect the greenbelt, maintaining its support of wildlife, being a theatre for recreation and exercise and the production of valuable crops,” she said.

“The group is particularly unhappy with the increase in the non-negotiable target, Sheffield’s protection of its own greenbelt by threatening Rotherham’s greenbelt and the agreement given by the leader and chief executive of Rotherham Council in November 2011. An agreement which includes the prioritisation of developing brownfield and derelict land.”

“In a meeting with the leader and chief executive we agreed to work with officers, which led to investigating ways of minimising the impending threat to the greenbelt.”

“At this meeting the leader offered an open invitation to meet with the group again as necessary.”

Diane says that in the last 12 months the group has identified a ‘considerable amount’ of brownfield and derelict land suitable for development, and have passed the details to Rotherham Council.

“This week, the group has written to the Planning Minister Nick Boles, offering suggestions to make brownfield sites more attractive to developers, thus reducing the demand on the greenbelt for development,”she added.

“The group has requested a meeting with the leader and chief executive to take place as soon as possible to update them on its understanding of the situation regarding the Core Strategy.”

A guide to registering objections to the Core Strategy will be on the group’s website at this weekend.