Real ale guide features new pubs and breweries across Nottinghamshire

Real Ale Guide 2018
Real Ale Guide 2018

Real ale is booming as Nottinghamshire drinkers raise a glass to pubs and breweries joining the Campaign for Real Ale.

The 45th edition of the Good Beer Guide 2018, published by the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) today, features 41 breweries across Nottinghamshire, four new ones, 74 pubs and 14 new pub entries.

In the East Midlands 18 new breweries are included, bringing the total number of breweries in the area to 179.

The book’s Editor Roger Protz says: “The first edition of the Good Beer Guide published 45 years ago was a call to arms for beer lovers at a time when the brewing industry was in dire trouble and the market flooded with tasteless, fizzy beer.

“How the beer world has changed! Today, in spite of closures, a growing number of pubs clamber to offer the best-possible range of real ales and we are still seeing remarkable growth in the brewing sector.”

New Nottinghamshire breweries which feature in the Good Beer Guide 2018 include: Angel Microbrewery, Brewhouse & Kitchen, Good Stuff Brewing at the Abdication and Linear Brewery.

As well as listing new and existing breweries in the area, the UK’s top pubs are also listed in the Guide, with the Just Beer in Newark named as one of 16 finalists in the Campaign for Real Ale’s National Pub of the Year competition. Just Beer is a micropub has offered 3,000 different beers from 1,000 different breweries, as well as international and unusual UK ales.

The pub was judged against numerous other local branch winners and was deemed to be the best in the region overall, with a perfect mix of the essential characteristics which make a great pub: atmosphere, decor, welcome, service, value for money, customer mix, but most importantly – quality real ale.

In total the East Midlands has 401 pubs listed in the guide.

The Good Beer Guide 2018 recommends the best pubs in Britain for real ale drinkers. The guide is compiled through independent judgement and recommendations, meaning pubs are chosen on merit alone rather than being charged for an entry, as is the case with many other guides. If you have a passion for ale and want to know the best places to find it, then this book can be an invaluable resource for you.” Protz added.

The pub guide is broken down by region and also town, which makes it easy to find the best pubs in your area or another area of the country you might want to visit.

The Good Beer Guide is the original independent guide to good beer and good pubs. Now in its 45th edition, the fully revised and updated Guide recommends pubs in England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and offshore islands that serve the best real ale.

The Guide is researched by unpaid and independent volunteers across the UK with every pub featured in the guidebook visited at least once for assessment. It is the UK’s best-selling beer and pub guide based on combined trade and direct sales.

The Good Beer Guide is now on sale and available to purchase for £12.99 at