Reader’s Letter: Sympathy for bus drivers

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I feel so sorry for bus drivers, especially when their patience is tested when running late.

However, our authorities could do so much more to help those moving the public from place to place.

A real nightmare is the Millhouse roundabout in Worksop. The ‘Race Track’ (that is the by-pass) is a continuous flow of fast moving traffic. How on earth can a bus driver safely negotiate the main A60 (Mansfield/Chesterfield) road in and out of town, I ask?

Surely some traffic lights should be incorporated here to allow traffic to move more efficiently in and out of town? It would also slow down speeding motorists using the by-pass.

Another huge problem for the bus drivers are the over-hanging hedgerows and trees, which scrape the sides of the busses. If I was an employer at Stagecoach, I would sue the authorities for total neglect and incompetence and expect compensation, which should come from their own money, not the council tax payer.

It is about time those in authority got to grips with what their job entails and stop thinking about their next expenses claim!

People vote for common sense, leadership and want those representing the people to do what’s best for the people and not what’s best for themselves!

Geoff Evans

An irate bus user travelling through Elmton Road, Creswell