Reader’s letter: Priory Centre parking row rumbles on

The Priory Centre car park in Worksop.
The Priory Centre car park in Worksop.

The saga of the Priory Centre car park drags on with complaints from people.

One gentleman suggesting ticket charging on entry only. One problem with that is since they made Bridge Place one way people who have to drop off there, would have to pay to pass through the car park.

Also people who have businesses on Bridge Place would also have to pay.

This is something the highways in their infinite wisdom overlooked when they made it one way.

I also wonder if anybody has been fined for picking up at Argos for large articles as this is within the boundaries of the car park but is as stated for customers of Argos also.

I myself do not use the car park because I have always believed this is a thoroughfare round the back of the Priory Centre. Why not barrier off the car park and then a through road would be created with drop off and pick up points limited to five minutes only. Then everybody would be accommodated and anybody abusing the five minutes would have action taken against them.

They should have signs warning people of actions for overstay at these drop off points. The thing with the car park is people go into the car park not knowing if there are spaces available.

They have the Parking Eye system so why not a screen to show available parking spaces. Technology is there to do this so use it. This will do away people waiting and hoping someone will go and being scared of getting a fine.

They are making enough money so use a bit of brain matter instead of ignoring the issues which keep cropping up.

This may be pie in the sky but if they want people to use Priory Centre, they should do something about it and not alienate people who may have used the car park for years.

Derek Bowskill,