Reader’s Letter: Inconsiderate lorry drivers are blocking car park

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Why are large HGV’s being allowed to park opposite the car park entrance on Central Avenue, illegally on double yellow lines, causing obstruction to those of us wishing to use the car park?

This parking is downright dangerous, causing traffic queues on Central Avenue and is a hazard to car park users.

The HGV I observed a couple of weeks ago was directly under the CCTV camera - but did anyone come and move them on or issue a ticket - No! - It stayed parked in exactly the same place for Friday, Saturday and Sunday!

So neither the CCTV operators, the police nor the traffic wardens are willing to do anything about this hazard? Is this not meant to be their job?

The street was reduced to single lane traffic at a busy car park junction due to the proximity of this inconsiderate HGV driver.

It is not acceptable that the rest of us get tickets for being parked illegally within minutes, yet our authorities, for some reason seem unwilling to ensure that foreign drivers actually adhere to our traffic laws, and allow them to get away with dangerous parking and causing obstruction for days at a time!

Disgruntled Worksop Car Park User

(via email)