READER LETTER: ‘People with trousers round their ankles and injecting into their groin’ in Worksop says letter writer

Worksop town centre
Worksop town centre

After reading the letter recently regarding having no toilets because of the alleged druggies. Well, I hope your readers can come together and write to their councillors and try to get Worksop back to what it used to be.

You can’t even walk the dog without seeing someone walking like a zombie or someone with their trousers round their ankles injecting into their groin or a gang stood with cans in their hands asking for money.

The council and the police informed me they were working together to get them out of the town, but there isn’t enough police to do it. Surely the soft option isn’t working. We want rid. Young children don’t need to see all this and think it’s normal. Far from it.

I have written to John Mann and the police commissioner at Nottingham and still I can’t walk my dog without seeing this filth all around me.

C. O’Sullivan

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