READER LETTER: Doctor Waas - a great honour for a great man

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Through your newspaper, I would like to express that it was really brilliant and fantastic to see the report in the Worksop Guardian on January 6 about a caring doctor with 43 years of service being honoured.

He greatly deserves this honour. He always had a great team with him and all used to go the extra mile to help patients.

This doctor has been a great asset to Worksop patients from around 1980 at Worksop Victoria Hospital to around early 2016 at Westwood eight to eight on Pelham Street.

When Dr Waas and his great team left in 2016, patients lost a great asset of excellent healthcare locally.

I first had great care from Dr Waas at Victoria Hospital, Worksop around 1980, and last in spring 2016.

He and his team are very greatly missed.

It was a pity that a small surgery was not set up with all of Dr Waas’ team, like Dr Mannan used to operate at 48 Watson Road for around 20 years.

As an ex-patient of Dr Waas, it would have been fantastic to have gone to his presentation in London to support him.

Thank you to all the people concerned for organising this great honour.

Mrs Needham