READER LETTER: Bassetlaw Hospital parking - Take advantage of concessions’ pass

w70117-5b'Bassetlaw Hospital, Carlton Road, Worksop.
w70117-5b'Bassetlaw Hospital, Carlton Road, Worksop.

Well, I’m here again visiting from Canada to see my mum as she was rushed into hospital on Saturday, November 6.

So I have much to say about the hospital parking situation.

I just can’t believe the price being charged.

It is incredible the amount of money being made out of the suffering of others (not sure if any of this money goes back to the hospital or not).

They know that relatives need to be at the hospital so they have no choice but to pay.

However, what most people don’t know is that you can get a concessions parking pass for two cars for a week for £8.50. People, please take advantage of this pass, go to the office to the left behind the main reception desk.

Now for staff parking. Why the heck do they have to pay to park to work? These people, whether it be nurses, doctors, canteen staff or cleaners etc, shouldn’t have to pay to park.

Everyone of them is there to care for our loved ones and where would we all be with out them? In the big fat mess.

I heard that a lot of staff park in the surrounding streets. Well, I don’t blame them. Sorry for the home owners but put yourself in their shoes, would you like to lose so much of your wages just to park? No, I think not.

Every day for two weeks my sister and I walked around the hospital several times, I looked around at all the wasted space, ie, grass and plants where at least 50 more car parking spaces could be made. One day we walked in the rain and the gardeners were working, their vans said NHS. Oh I wonder, did they have to pay to park and work? Again, I think not.

Just another note. I counted more than 90 parking signs around the hospital, what’s up with that, do they think people can’t read?

Kimmy B.

By email