Ranskill pupils are climbing to new heights after fund-raising efforts

Earlier this summer, pupils and parents from Ranskill Primary School took part in a very successful community litter pick to raise much needed funds to improve the outdoor area at the school.

Since then, the outdoor area has seen some huge improvements which have proven to be very popular with the pupils and staff alike.

Ranskill pupils on the new traverse wall at the school

Ranskill pupils on the new traverse wall at the school

Emily Cherrill, one the teachers at the school, who organised the fundraising and led the project development said: “A new ‘traverse wall’ has been fitted which the children love to play on during break times.

“Staff have subsequently discovered that there are several pupils at the school who could definitely be contenders to star in the next Spiderman film.”

Another addition to playtime at the school has been the tic-tac-toe (or noughts and crosses pebble games.

These proved very popular during the hot summer days earlier in the year.

The children also now have access to a working weather station, complete with thermometer, rain gauge, wind sock, and weather vane.

This has made a striking feature alongside the time capsule from the school’s 50th anniversary which was buried by Mr Robin Wilson, Deputy Lieutenent of Nottinghamshire (with special instructions for it not to touched for another 50 years) at a special ceremony last year .

The weather station will enable the children to interpret scales in real life and taking an interest in the world they live in.

Like the traverse wall, the weather station was funded by the children themselves, using the money raised from the litter pick.

Local businesses Allianz, UGC, Torne Valley and B&Q have supported the installation of a sun canopy, which will provide some much needed shade during the warmer months, as well as an exciting multi-sensory path which the school hopes to keep adding to.

Mrs Cherrill continued: “The children worked very hard to raise the money to fund all of these projects and they are now reaping the benefits of their hard work and community spirit.

“It is wonderful to see the new equipment being enjoyed.

“And because the children have ultimately paid for it themselves, they are keen to take care of it too.”

The school is hosting an open day on Thursday, October 18.

If you have a child who will be starting school in September, please feel free to pop along and meet the staff and pupils or contact the school.

For further information, call the school on 01777 818468 or visit the website at www.ranskillprimary.co.uk