Rainbow blag

i’m getting fed up of this, but once again I feel praise is due at Queen’s Buildings.

That’s because they have laughed out of town the request to fly a flag for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender month.

Coun Ian Campbell said flying the adopted rainbow flag of said bunch will ‘send out a clear message’ that Bassetlaw Council welcomes people from all walks of life.

No it would not. All it would serve to prove is that Bassetlaw Council is more scared of what people think of them, than getting things done on behalf of Worksop folk. If they fly the flag for one group, we’ll have all kinds of little clubs wanting their flags flying.

How many people are members of the LGBT club in Worksop, anyway? I suspect it isn’t as many as the Sea Cadets – should they have their flag fluttering above the town hall for a month?

And anyway, it strikes me as being even more homophobic to segregate gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgenders and wrap them in a flag – presumably to segregate them from ‘normal’ folk? We’re meant to be all about inclusion and equality – not singling out minorities for special treatment – good or bad.

And why does this particular group of people feel the need to have a MONTH all to themselves?

Was that the idea of a member of the LGBT community, or the brainchild of a do-gooder on the sidelines, hoping to sate their Samaritan side?

Thank you for speaking up on behalf of Bassetlaw, Coun Campbell, but we do not need you or a flag to indicate our political or sexual persuasion – come one, come all for the good of Worksop.