Queen’s message for diamond pair

60th wedding anniversary for Margaret and Herbert Harris  (w110815-3b)
60th wedding anniversary for Margaret and Herbert Harris (w110815-3b)

A DIAMOND Thurcroft couple are set to crack open the bubbly to celebrate 60 years of marriage.

Herbert and Margaret Harris, of Woodhouse Green, were delighted to open their congratulatory card from the Queen as they looked back on their time together.

60th wedding anniversary for Margaret and Herbert Harris.

60th wedding anniversary for Margaret and Herbert Harris.

“It was so exciting to open it, we didn’t realise we would get one,” said Margaret, 80.

They will celebrate with a family meal which is sure to go off with a bang, as Margaret opens a bottle of Champagne she has been saving.

“It was given to me by a barrister I worked for. I cleaned his four storey house for years and I have kept it since then,” said Margaret.

Herbert, now 86, married Margaret at Laughton Church on 4th August in 1951 after meeting in Carr near Maltby.

“It was a small place and everyone knew each other,” said Margaret.

“Herbert worked for a farmer and I did cleaning for a farmer’s wife. We just hit it off.”

The wedding reception was at Margaret’s mother’s house, and the newlyweds were surrounded by family and friends.

Margaret’s wedding dress was from Roberts Brothers and she has kept it wrapped away ever since.

Herbert and Margaret moved straight into a new cottage on the farm where Margaret worked.

When Herbert finished farming he started work at Thurcroft pit.

They started a family and had four daughters and a son.

Now the family includes five grandchildren and six great grandchildren.

Margaret loved dancing.

“He didn’t like to dance or anything so I would go out while he went to the pub with his brother,” said Margaret.

Herbert was also green-fingered, spending hours gardening and keeping an allotment.

One thing the couple did enjoy together was holidays. They had a caravan in Cleethorpes for 40 years and later went abroad to Turkey.

More recently the holidays have stopped as Herbert developed Alzheimer’s Disease.

“It’s such a sad disease and it has changed our life,” said Margaret.

But she and daughter Jeanette work hard to care for Herbert.

“I have worked all my life. I’m not a person who can sit in the house.”

She added: “Hard work has kept us both going and we’ve tried to stay as happy as we can.”

While they look forward to a family meal, the Queen’s card is doing the rounds.

Margaret said: “I’m showing everyone I meet, I’m very proud.”