Proposals to slash school summer holidays

Proposals to eventually cut the school summer holidays down to five weeks are being mooted by councillors in Nottinghamshire.

Thursday, 18th June 2015, 10:01 am
Nottinghamshire County Council

Coun Philip Owen successfully pressed for a consultation to be launched into creating a two-week break in the autumn term, rather than one week, and reducing the summer holidays from six weeks to five.

Coun Owen, the Conservative spokesman for children and young people’s services on Nottinghamshire County Council, said: “I have spoken to parents and teachers, many of whom have said that the autumn term is very long and that younger children in particular would benefit from a two week mid-autumn break, which would be possible if we reduced the summer break.

“The committee agreed with me that this idea should be put out to consultation. I remain open-minded, but it is right to ask the question.”

“If the majority of responses are in favour of changing the holiday pattern, I hope the council will listen.”

However, no change would be possible before 2019 after the term dates were agreed during the recent children and young people’s committee meeting.

Chairman of the committee, John Peck said: “At Monday’s Children’s committee meeting, the patterns of school holiday and term-time dates were agreed for the next three years from 2016/17 through until 2018/19.

“We have a duty to consult on school holiday dates and we do this every three years.

“Following a reasonable and amicable discussion at the meeting, we agreed to include in our consultation next time around, possible options for different half term arrangements for the autumn term from 2019/20 at the very earliest.”