Prison for Samurai sword threat man

A 46-year-old man has been sent to prison for threatening to behead a shop assistant while in possession of a Samurai sword.

By The Newsroom
Monday, 26th December 2011, 10:05 am

Phillip Wedge, from St Ann’s, Nottingham, had the three-foot weapon in a black bin bag as he went into Ladbrokes in Worksop on the afternoon of 8th September.

He demanded his money back after losing a bet and became offensive and rude towards staff at the Central Avenue bookies.

They, along with customers in the shop, then witnessed a torrent of foul-mouthed abuse from Wedge, Worksop Magistrates’ Court heard.

Thomas Busby, prosecuting, said Wedge failed to calm down - despite being asked on a number of occasions.

“He went to the shop assistant and shouted ‘I will cut your head off’,” Mr Busby said.

“The staff were not aware he had the sword with him as it was never displayed.”

They were aware, however, ‘something quite long’ was in a bin bag with him.

Wedge had bought the sword as a decorative ornament for his house at around 11am on 8th September, the court heard.

Mr Busby said Wedge had drank two cans of lager and half a bottle of cider before leaving the house that morning.

Andrew Bostock, defending for Wedge, said it was never his intention to use the sword.

“It’s wrapped up in such a way no-one knows what it is. It’s not an item visible to the members of the public. I suspect it hasn’t got a sharp blade on it,” he said.

“He has bought it with the intention of taking it home. He has never brandished it or threatened to use it.”

“But he accepts his behaviour was out of order.”

Police caught up with Wedge moments after he left Ladbrokes when he ordered sausage and chips from Central Fisheries around 3pm.

Wedge, who was drunk and late for a previous hearing at the Potter Street court, appeared before magistrates for sentencing on Monday afternoon.

The court heard how he had also failed to cooperate with the probation service at a meeting scheduled earlier this month.

He admitted to being in possession of an offensive weapon, using threatening words and assaulting a police constable.

Mr Busby added: “PC Young, who was on duty on Central Avenue, arrested the defendant. He searched him and the defendant began to struggle. He was handcuffed and the defendant tried unsuccessfully to headbutt the PC.”

“He started to kick out and he was taken to the floor by other officers where he then kicked out again at the officer and succeeded by hitting him in the groin.”

“It caused the officer pain and discomfort.”

Wedge was sentenced to 56 days in prison.

Chair of the Bench Wendy Thomas said: “You assaulted a PC in his course of duty.”

“It was in a public place, you were in drink and had an offensive weapon on you.”