Priory clock is repaired

The sound of the chimes from the Priory Church clock ring out around the centre of Worksop once again.

By The Newsroom
Monday, 1st April 2013, 3:54 pm
The clock on Priory Church is now back in full working order (w130326-1a)
The clock on Priory Church is now back in full working order (w130326-1a)

The clock, which dates back to at least 1700, has not been in full working order for several years.

But now after a generous donation from the family and friends of former Worksop man Ernest Marshall, the clock is working again.

Mr Marshall, a former manager at Manton Colliery, passed away two years ago.

His family and friends generously donated money at his funeral.

After discussions between his family and the church, it was decided that the money would be used to repair the clock.

His wife said: “He was a member of the Priory Church congregation for many years.”

“I think he would have loved the idea that the money was used in this way.”

The repairs were carried out by J Smith & Sons, Midland Steam Clock Works in Derby.

Father Nicholas Spicer said: “It is very exciting that the clock is working again.”

“It has been completely overhauled - the bell has been rehung and the clock face has been restored and is looking very impressive.”

He added that it had been a wish of the church for many years to have the clock repaired.

It is unclear how old the clock is, but it features a repair notice by Hutchinson from 1750.