Prime Minster urged to back National Trust over Clumber Park fracking

Clumber Park, Worksop.Clumber Park, Worksop.
Clumber Park, Worksop.
A coalition of NGOs, scientists and academics has written to the Prime Minister to demand support for the National Trust in its battle against a fracking firm over Clumber Park.

It follows the recent legal threat issued by energy giant INEOS as it pursues access to the park to undertake exploratory geophysical surveys, with the trust’s court defence likely to cost hundreds of thousands of pounds.

More than 70 groups and individuals have signed the letter, including Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth, the World Wide Fund for Nature, Campaign to Protect Rural England, Food and Water Campaign Against Climate Change and the Campaign for National Parks.

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Steve Mason, from Frack Free United, said: “This letter sends a clear message to the Prime Minister that fracking is not the way to go. When will the penny drop? Fracking is not necessary and it is clearly not wanted.

“The National Trust are duty-bound to protect the land in their care. This government have given permission to a corporation, INEOS, to take this national institution to court.”

The letter calls on the Government to review its policies, issue an immediate halt to unconventional oil and gas exploration, and invest in clean renewable energy, energy efficiency and a rapid shift towards a low-carbon economy.

It adds: “Landowners who are charitable bodies acting in the public interest should not be forced toaccept shale development of any kind, including seismic surveys.

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“Landowners of all types have to be able to retain the right to say no to companies wanting to access their land for exploration and exploitation of fossil fuels.”

To read the letter in full, visit