Power to vote out top brass

Bassetlaw MP John Mann
Bassetlaw MP John Mann

Jail ‘em! That’s what the Banking Commission has recommended this week, which is not surprising as they were told this in advance. But jail who and for what?

If only it were that simple, then we could hold the bank bosses to account.

I would prefer that bank customers are given the power to be able to vote out the bank bosses who are too reckless or too greedy.

I think that if the public had the power to vote out their own bank’s top brass then they would spend far more time looking after you, the customers and your money, rather than speculating on the money markets.

There is nothing like an election to concentrate the mind - as I know better than most.

Having kept me off the Banking Commission for being too outspoken, it is hardly surprising that their report merely retreads old ideas. Some of it sounds good - like the right to a bank account for everyone, but they are living in the past. In the next two years we will see mobile phone payments become common currency in this country. I predict that it will take off like wildfire - a bit like mobile phones did themselves. Suddenly everyone will use phones to make payments.

It allows you to transfer money to your daughter if she is stuck in Sheffield trying to get a taxi home (so we have mixed blessings there). Mobiles will be used for shopping, for paying bills. Even your council tax and it’s coming soon.

In fact to be accurate its already here but it will be spreading soon. The out of touch politicians on the Banking Commission are proposing solutions to yesterdays problems not tomorrows - which is just typical of Parliament.

Jailing corrupt politicians is of course hugely popular. Jailing greedy bankers would raise a big cheer. The third group that the public will undoubtedly support jailing are over zealous traffic wardens.

In fact it is not the wardens that I object to, but the anonymous Nottinghamshire Parking Partnership who deal with fines and appeals against them. In order to penny pinch, parking tickets in Worksop are no longer sticky. So you cannot attach then to your window, unlike in Rotherham and Sheffield.

We have cheapo tickets. However cheapo tickets have to be put on the dashboard and on the seat and can be blown over.

There is a simple solution: don’t fine anyone who has a valid ticket. So what do they do, send abusive letters telling motorists that it’s their fault that the ticket blew over and cannot be read. No it’s the wind that blew it. And more importantly, it is you, Nottinghamshire Parking Partnership, who introduced the cheapo tickets in the first place.

We don’t need the threat of jail sentences or elections to sort this out. Just a bit of good old common sense.

If Notts Parking Partnership want to introduce cheapo Parking tickets, then when someone is ticketed, because their ticket has blown over and cannot be read, but then proves that they have paid for a valid ticket, then all you have do is this: say “Thank you. We see that you have paid and are an honest and decent citizen. We therefore withdraw our parking fine immediately”. Common sense is nice and easy.

Alternatively I can release some of the emails I have which abuse motorists and admit that the cheapo tickets are purely a cost cutting device and are less efficient and insist on a public enquiry into the attitudes, insensitivity and inconsistencies that we have in this area over car parking fines.