Polski perfection

‘polski Mini Market’ is officially open for business in Worksop on Ryton Street.

The very nice chap that runs this latest addition to Worksop’s sprawling metropolis has lived and worked in England for six years, and never encountered any problems.

Within days of setting up in Worksop, his business is the target of an attack from low-life scum who decide it’s a good idea to throw stones at his windows.

Welcome to Worksop, home of xenophobic, racist reprobates.

Here’s an idea – rather than spending your benefits on fags, booze and scratchcards, why not give a hard-working family man a helping hand and try some of his delicious Polish offerings.

I had a kilo of Polski salami the other day, and a pot of Bigos (a stewy type affair with hog’s chin fat thrown in) and I’ll tell you something, I will be returning to buy my meaty elevenses from here on in because they were absolutely beautiful. All freebies gratefully received.